Family Therapy Strengths and Limitations

This essay discusses family shapes, the emerging tendencies of family types that are diverse, shifting socioeconomic inequality, gender roles, and family life cycle class. Families come in many different types, and families differ across cultures. In families that are collectivist, numerous members live aunts, uncles, grandparents, and cousins. Families are critical to the survival of a culture and all families have customs and rites. Berko (2010) reports family settings as being (1) the nuclear family with wife, husband and their biological children or adopted children, (2) adults and kids that aren’t the biological offspring of both grownups that have joined into a family unit, (3) single parent family with a single adult with kids, (4) couples with two adults living together in a relationship, generally a paperless union, with no kids, (5) homosexual and lesbian couples.

Thus do beliefs about the procedure of the way that families can efficiently be treated as they differ. Some need to take some time to practice what they understand, although most families understand the best way to speak efficiently. Family disagreement must not be a symptom of deteriorating family relationships. Contradiction could be healthy if it’s dealt with in a positive way. I am part of a family have a family, and have created a family. My family uses open and encouraging communication work efficiently, preserve customs, deal with issues, develop successful relationships, and to make familiarity. I’m part of a practical family which values everyone’s feelings and demands. In my nuclear and extended family, we convey love by honoring our differences and singularity and forbidding any physical, sexual, or verbal mistreatment, giving praise and support each other, and including each other in family actions as well as decision making procedures. Inside my family there are narratives of survival, for the family hopes and wishes, and courtship narratives, birth stories, roles family members are expected to play.